The proposed site location

The Dragon Energy project is a proposal for three wind turbines situated on our land adjacent to the terminal. As the project is classed as a Development of National Significance (DNS), the planning application will be determined by the Welsh Government, with Pembrokeshire County Council consulted as a key statutory consultee. The Welsh Government has determined that our application is valid and is now under consideration. The case reference is CAS-01859-K1M7Y6.

About the proposed wind turbines

  • Turbine model: is unspecified, as this depends on a number of technical and economic factors, such as suitability for the site, market availability and the results of a formal tender process. The maximum possible specifications have been assumed for the application, creating a ‘framework’ within which various models can be considered.
  • Expected electricity: The electricity will feed directly into our on-site substation, to be used to power on-site operations. Each year the turbines will generate about 39% of our on-site energy demand. The turbines will be connected to the local grid network as well, so any excess electricity that is generated during times of low on-site demand will be transported to the grid.
  • Load factor: this is the percentage of actual turbine output against its theoretical maximum output per year. Wind speeds are variable throughout the year, so is the turbines’ power generation. In the wind energy sector, this is important information to work out if a wind turbine would be viable in a certain location. The load factor of the Dragon Energy turbines would be around 35-39%, based on the local wind resource and the eventually selected model. This compares favourably to the national average for onshore wind in the UK, which was just over 26% over the last 5 years (source: Renewable UK).
  • Height: The turbines would have a maximum height of up to 149.9m (491.8ft) when the tip of the blade is in a vertical position. The maximum height of the ‘hub’, the top of the tower, would be 92m (302ft).
  • Lifespan: Planning permission is sought for 40 years. Improved technology allows modern wind turbines to have a longer operational life than older models which are usually decommissioned after 25 years. Decommissioning after 40 years will see the site restored to its current use.

About the site

Pembrokeshire County Council granted planning permission for a 9.9MWp solar farm on the site, which is now operational. The proposed wind turbines would be situated alongside the solar panels. Electricity from both renewable energy projects will be connected to an existing on-site substation. They will complement one another, and contribute up to 47% of our on-site energy needs whilst also reducing our Scope II carbon emissions by 13,000 tonnes per year.
The site is suitable for wind development; it has an excellent wind resource and will be developed outside of technical, ecological and social constraints and in line with national and local policies for low-carbon energy proposals in the Milford Haven Waterway area. Access will be via the Western Perimeter Road.

About the planning process

The first step was the submission of an ‘Environmental Scoping Request’ to the Welsh Government, to agree the information that needed to be provided along with the planning application. This allows the Government to make an informed decision about whether planning permission should be granted. The Environmental Scoping Request for Dragon Energy was submitted in April 2022 to Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW), which is part of the Welsh Government. Please have a look at the submitted documents here. The project case reference is CAS-01859-K1M7Y6.

Technical surveys and assessments in various fields including landscape, noise, ecology, cultural heritage, nesting and migrating birds and radar have been undertaken to measure and mitigate any potential environmental impacts. Findings of these assessments have been available for public viewing in the documentation on this website as part of the public consultation process. The formal full DNS application has been submitted to the Welsh Government and is now available for viewing on their website. The case reference remains the same: CAS-01859-K1M7Y6.