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At Dragon we believe firmly in continuous improvement across all aspects of our business to ensure that we remain a safe and competitive business and employer in the energy industry.  Energy efficiency has always been important to us and with the acceleration of the energy transition in the UK, underpinned by Wales’ net zero ambitions and recent global energy security concerns, we are accelerating the renewable power element of our energy strategy.  Our strategy looks across the business to reduce our carbon footprint over several years by harnessing both technology and human behaviours. The recently constructed solar project is a great example of both decarbonisation and energy security, and we are now applying for the addition of three wind turbines to create an energy park that maximises our renewable power generation. If successful, this would have a significant impact on our carbon footprint and make us a more competitive business for the future.

Dragon LNG forms a critical part of the nation’s energy infrastructure, can supply up to 10% of the UK’s Gas energy needs, and is a key local employer. Our investment in the proposed wind development will strengthen our competitiveness, provide future energy resilience for the business from a renewable source, and contribute to local and national net-zero targets.

Solar farm

Following support from Milford Haven Town Council and Llanstadwell Community Council, Pembrokeshire County Council approved the planning application for a 9.9MWp solar farm on our land. The project is now fully operational and provides up to 8% of our energy needs, along with eliminating some 2,500 tonnes of Scope II carbon emissions every year.

Wind turbines

We believe that onshore wind power generation can play an important role in further reducing the carbon footprint of our activities while strengthening our competitiveness as a local business. The neighbouring Wear Point Wind Farm demonstrates that wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy due to a local consistent supply of wind. We are keen to tap into this clean and abundant natural resource and have applied to the Welsh Government to integrate three wind turbines into our energy mix (outlined in red in the site plan below, indicated by the three red dots). If constructed they will form a line with the Wear Point Wind Farm turbines (indicated by blue circles).

The addition of wind turbines to the solar development could increase our on-site renewable energy generation to 47% of our annual electricity consumption and will enable us to export renewable electricity to the local grid at times where the generation exceeds on-site demand. Combined with the solar development the overall renewable energy generated will eliminate some 11,500 tonnes of Scope II carbon emissions every year.

Public Consultation Events

We held public exhibitions on Wednesday 11 May 2022 and Thursday 26 January 2023 and an online community consultation event on Thursday 12 May 2022, using digital webinar platform Zoom. Please watch a recording of the online event below. We would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback during our public consultation process which has been very helpful in shaping the final plans.


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